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Understanding how your body functions, how food supports these functions and how to balance daily meals to enhance your health is the focus of our nutritional healing practice.

Diet is the primary indicator of health. Food supports life but it can also make us sick when we over indulge or eat the wrong foods.

The National Center for Disease Control estimates that one in four adults in the United States are overweight or clinically obese.  This epidemic in weight gain has greatly increased chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and certain cancers.

Our philosophy and practice of nutritional healing is to re-institute the wisdom of kitchen science that is based on eating whole foods- foods that are closest to their natural state when grown. We also practice using herbs and spices to balance taste and support not only proper digestion yet all of the organ systems of the body.


Yoga is a beautiful practice of getting to know yourself. Of the multitude of exercise regiments and spiritual protocols known today, yoga provides a personal, practical application for living a holistic lifestyle: uniting the mind, body and spirit.

The term “Yoga” describes a general category of spiritual and philosophical traditions within many Eastern cultures. Here in the United States, the Hatha Yoga tradition is most well-known and studied. Hatha Yoga is a physical movement practice of postures (or Asanas) that guides the practitioner into a deeper self awareness, moving the body in relation to the breath.

Hatha Yoga has therapeutic benefits for the body. Of its many gifts, yoga strengthens and tones the muscles, supports healthy digestive function, decreases blood pressure, stimulates circulation, supports the central nervous system and detoxifies the lympathic system.

Yoga will put and keep a smile on your face!

Check out a case study on the benefits of yoga here.

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