As a clinical-based healing practice, our goal is to support optimal health and nutrition. We provide complementary herbal medicine & nutritional consultations, private and group Yoga instruction and health promotion activities like lectures and workshops to a variety of clients with a host of health concerns and lifestyle goals. Urbanherbalist is willing to work with your current healthcare provider or as directed by your specific needs.
  • Wellness consultations usually take about 90 minutes. During that time, our health practitioner gathers information about your past health history, reviews lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, discusses your current health concerns and set goals for your future health. Herbal strategies may be recommended at that time. We also recommend that our clients have two to three follow up sessions in which we track health status goals. With proper nutritional, movement (yoga) and lifestyle changes, our clients reach and maintain their health goals.
  • Private and group yoga classes from one hour to 90 minutes of asana practice designed to stretch, restore and renew your energy.
  • Lectures and workshops to support your knowledge of health and well-being.

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